Dan Walker left ‘holding his tongue’ after fiery Gavin Williamson interview

BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker looked perplexed after Education Secretary Gavin Williamson was grilled over the shambolic handling of A-level results this morning.

The MP has faced calls to resign after an algorithm saw thousands of students across the country have their results downgraded from teacher predictions and mock grades last Thursday.

It meant many lost their university places but, despite insisting there would be no U-turn, Mr Williamson announced yesterday that predicted grades will now be used.

He appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning following the news, where he was grilled by Louise Minchin in a fiery interview.

But it was the reaction of Dan Walker immediately after it ended that grabbed viewers’ attention.

The Tory MP had just refused to answer a question on whether he would resign when the camera cut back to the studio to show Dan seemingly not being able to understand what he had just witnessed.

With his head in his hand, it takes him a moment to gather his thoughts before taking a deep breath.

Trying to fight back a smile, he then moves on with the rest of the show.

Viewers back at home were convinced Dan was desperately trying to hold back his true feelings.

“Did you see Dan's reaction as Louise finished the interview?” one asked. “Great example of 'holding your tongue'. Well done Dan Walker.”

Another added: “Dan Walker looked flabbergasted after that Gavin Williamson interview.”

A third questioned: “Did he really roll his eyes out loud?”

In total, 39.1% of all A-level entries were downgraded.

The system used by the government to give the final results was accused of being classist, as pupils that attended schools which had historically received lower results were more likely to suffer.

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