'Daria': Adding Tom to the Show Wasn't Just a Random Decision

When people see a cartoon, they might think it is something a young child would enjoy. There are plenty of animated TV shows that target adult audiences. One of the most popular examples is BoJack Horseman, which deals with complex issues. Another one is Daria, which came out in the ’90s. Some fans may remember relating to the main character. One of the storylines in the show is that Daria gets into a romantic relationship with Tom. The creators once revealed why they gave her a boyfriend. 

What is the cartoon ‘Daria’ about?

Daria is an animated sitcom that aired from 1997 to 2002 on MTV. The series is about a teenager named Daria, who observes the world around her along with her best friend. The main setting is Lawndale High School in a fictional suburban town. The premise acts as a satire of high school life. The show had five seasons and received positive reviews. One of the cast members was former Grey’s Anatomy star, Sarah Drew. She portrayed Stacy Rowe, who is the secretary of the Fashion Club. Actor Wendy Hoopes played Jane Lane, who is the best friend of Daria. 

Before Daria premiered, the title character appeared in another animated show. She was in the hit series Beavis and Butt-Head. Daria got introduced as the two boys’ brainy friend. She was a recurring character until she got her own sitcom. The series had two films, with the first one being Is It Fall Yet? in 2000. There were also two specials that got released. 

Daria is a cynical and iconic teenager

In the show, Daria appears as though she does not fit in with everyone else. She is a somewhat misanthropic teenager, or she has a distrust for human behavior. Viewers observe how her cynical worldviews evolve over the course of the show. Daria tends to deliver sarcasm in a deadpan manner. While the main character presents herself as apathetic and a little lazy, she is naturally intelligent. Daria does not have much motivation to do anything more than the minimum requirement.

She is often pessimistic but once clarified how she is not nihilistic. A green jacket, black pleated skirt, and lace-up boots make up Daria’s iconic look. Fans also recognize her for her long reddish-brown hair and circular glasses. Daria prefers not to make an effort to dress fashionably like other female students in the school. A couple of classmates view Daria as a friend, but she considers Jane to be her first and only companion. At home, she has two parents and a younger sister named Quinn. 

The creators felt it was time for Daria to date

In the episode “Jane’s Addition,” Tom Sloane appears and becomes Jane’s boyfriend. However, Daria finds herself becoming attracted to Tom in the fourth season. The two of them end up sharing a kiss and later start to date. Daria breaks up with Tom at the end of the series. For most of the show, Daria does not have much experience with romance outside the relationship with Tom. Some fans might wonder why the creators would give this type of character a boyfriend in the first place.

According to Mental Floss, Tom got added to Daria because the writers felt it would have been unbelievable if Daria did not get a boyfriend at some point. Throughout the series, Daria’s personality experiences some evolution. So, the creators believe it would make sense that she would become interested in dating someone. Of course, that someone ended up being Tom, Jane’s boyfriend. Not to mention, Tom’s addition to the story allowed for a few more plotlines. 

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