Death in Paradise exit for Neville as Ralf Little teases own departure ‘No indication’

Death in Paradise: Ralf Little addresses his future on show

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On a recent episode of Saturday Kitchen, presenter Matt Tebbutt was joined by Death in Paradise actor Ralf Little. The Royle Family star opened up about his future on the BBC show which is currently airing its eleventh season. After joining the cast back in October 2019, the nation’s favourite DI has hinted his beloved character may not be returning for another series. 

While following one of his recipes which involved tying a piece of string around a bowl covered in tin foil and baking paper, Matt decided to probe his guest on what projects he had lined up for the year.

The TV chef asked: “What else [have] you got planned this year?

“I mean, I guess you know you’re going back to Guadeloupe, that’s going to take an awful lot of time [out of your schedule],” he added. 

Unable to keep his composure, Ralf replied: “Well, I mean, I don’t know yet, that’s all…”

Matt gasped: “Oh, okay.”

The actor claimed: “This sounds like a scoop but it’s not a scoop.” 

Although Neville’s exit from the BBC show has not been confirmed by series producers, Ralf remarked: “It’s just I have filmed the series that I was originally contracted to do.

“But there’s no indication that they don’t want me to go back, it hasn’t been agreed yet.”

In jest, Ralf chuckled: “So, before everyone says, ‘Ralf Little drops [a] bombshell on Saturday Kitchen!’, it’s all just still being discussed, that’s all, so it’s not a scoop.

“But yes, I mean, you know, I love the show, I absolutely love it. 

“I feel like it’s a massive privilege to do the show, but it’s, as we talked about earlier, the fact that eight million people watch it,” Ralf stated.

Before Matt suddenly cried: “Oh my god!”

Still unable to tie the string over the bowl, the host quipped: “I’m really struggling, it wasn’t this hard in rehearsals.” 

Matt told BBC viewers: “I’m so sorry”, as the studio filled with laughter after the TV presenter continued to struggle.

Ralf joked: “I’ll just keep chatting away so they can keep the camera on me and somebody can run on and help you out because you are really struggling.”

Eventually, Matt successfully wrapped the bowl and beamed: “Okay, I’ve got it!”

Later, Ralf discussed his gruelling work schedule when filming for Death in Paradise, which requires waking up at the crack of dawn, he revealed: “It’s a physically demanding show, I’m up at 5.30am.”

Although the TV actor did confess, the early morning wake-ups were soon forgotten after he took a dip in the sea.

Detailing his evening, he gushed: “You finish work and then you can go and swim in the Caribbean sea.”

An envious Matt queried: “Do you need chefs [on the show]? I’m asking for a friend.”

Saturday Kitchen airs on Saturday at 10am on BBC One

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