Derren Brown live show hit by technical difficulties – is it part of the trick?

Derren Brown made his big comeback to British TV tonight with a live, one-off special streamed on Channel 4 called 20 Years Of Mind Control…but it was hit by technical difficulties.

At one point during a pre-recorded video segment where the illusionist started to reminisce over some of his most iconic stunts, when the camera seemed to cut out.

For viewers at home, the bad weather conditions in London (where the special was being filmed) were obviously to blame for the issues…right?

Because for a lot of people at home, they were wondering whether the interference was all part of the massive trick, which will involve a viewer at home getting pulled into Derren’s latest mind-boggling set-up.

Because, you know, it is Derren Brown we’re talking about…

‘[I’m] sure the TV playing up is part of the trick…’ one viewer at home said.

Another added: ‘Anyone else watching Derren Brown having interference on the picture? Knowing what he’s like, I’m not sure if I’ve got a bad signal, or if he’s messing with us already.’

Have you checked outside your window for anyone watching you? Because you may be part of the trick…

Derren did address the issues however, putting the difficulties down to ‘satellite interference,’ but then again, he would say that…

Derren announced during the start of the show that one viewer would be picked up by a car and ‘whisked’ away for what he deemed ‘a health and safety nightmare.’

The special in question is being aired tonight to celebrate 20 years of the mind-bending magicians’ TV work.

One of his biggest career highlights, of course, was eerily predicting the results of the lottery…

Derreb Brown: 20 Years of Mind Control aired on Channel 4.

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