Did you know Ghosts star Simon Farnaby wrote Paddington 2?

We’re all so happy that the charming, spooky show Ghosts is back on our screens on BBC One – but did you know that one of the cast members was also behind one of Britain’s favourite family films? Find out more… 

Simon Fernaby, who plays the disgraced politician ghost Julian, co-wrote Paddington 2 with the film’s director, Paul King. 

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Speaking to The Telegraph about co-writing the film, he admitted that they weren’t planning a penning a third movie, explaining: “It was just too much to bear. Paul King and I worked really hard to make Paddington 2 better than the original, and it was a success, so everyone said, ‘Let’s do another’. But we just can’t do three.” 

He added: “The books are all about kindness and good deeds and not judging people. As Aunt Lucy says: ‘Look for the good in people and you’ll find it’. We wanted that philosophy.” 

Simon plays Julian in the hit show

Chatting to the BBC about Ghosts, he admitted it help like “coming home,” saying: “We know each other so well now it feels like we slot back into place and the laughter can begin. We have running jokes that have been going for 12 years. We all met doing Horrible Histories, which was good fun but it was really hard work and a bit like being in the trenches together, sometimes literally we would be in WW1 trenches.” 

Simon co-wrote Paddington 2 and stars in Ghosts

He continued: “In the new series we get to find out more about Julian’s past, which has been great to explore. We see some of his family life and in the Christmas special we draw upon that and we get to find out about his home life and he even learns a couple of lessons about life. Part of the joy of the show is to learn to value life and think about what happens when it’s not there anymore, what that means and the people you have left behind.” 

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