Did You Predict WWDITS' Penis Twist? Does Bridgerton Makeover Worry You? Was Transplant a Tease? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Evil, Better Call Saul, The Bachelorette and What We Do in the Shadows!

1 | Was the abrupt way the Transplant finale ended truly evil?

2 | So, has Evil‘s Kristen seen the last of her husband…? Is there any possible way Andy returns to her life without Leland landing behind bars or in a grave?

3 | Did any Blood & Treasure fan out there not see the Katie twist coming from 100 kilometers away? And was the underground fight club clash a bit underwhelming, choreography-wise?

4 | Did you greet this week’s big Riverdale “deaths” with a shrug rather than a gasp, since people are so easily resurrected on this show nowadays?

5 | Did The Bachelorette‘s censors get paid overtime to plaster all those black boxes over the skimpy swimsuits at this week’s man pageant? And how awkward was it for musical duo Ashley Cooke and Brett Young to have to play for just Rachel after she sent her date Jordan V. home early?

6 | Do you think we have seen the last of Better Call Saul‘s Kim? Or will we get some sort of update on her whereabouts/welfare during the time jump?

7 | Assuming Only Murders in the Building‘s Alice is at (or around) the same age as portrayer Cara Delevingne, do you really think she’d make a Cheers reference — something as specific as Mabel having the same weekend attire as Norm?

8 | As soon as What We Do in the Shadows‘ Nandor made his wish — knowing what he said to Guillermo right beforehand — did you foresee the downfall of his enlarged penis? Also, are the people who think Baby Colin Robinson looks “6 or 7” the same ones who thought Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s Leia actually looked 10?

9 | Anyone else thinking that Bridgerton‘s Colin is going to show up in Season 3 with a She’s All That-style makeover? On that same note, is anyone terrified of what demonic facial hair he will sport as a key part of it?

10 | Did Big Brother seriously dedicate an entire segment to… putting in contacts? And is anyone else worried that Joseph might be allergic to cotton?

11 | Is it just us or is The Challenge: USA missing… something?

12 | Did any other viewers of The Orville Google to see if the story that guest star Dolly Parton told about cutting her toes on a mason jar as a kid was in fact real? (It is!) And are you at all surprised to learn she filmed the scene in Nashville?  Also, were you surprised they almost went “there” with Kelly and Bortus?

13 | On FBoy Island, why do all of the nice guys also seem like f-boys? And do we really believe that returning cast member Casey is a reformed f-boy if he’s still friends with Season 1 winner (and unrepentant f-boy) Garrett?

14 | Is anyone else hoping/praying that Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Wolf Pack character is no mere “arson investigator”?

15 | After this week’s huge The Old Man cliffhanger, did you double-check the listings to make sure this was in fact a season finale? And would they really have left us dangling like that if FX hadn’t ordered a second season?

16 | Did no one at the Jan. 6 hearing think to tell this man, “I’m sorry, sir, but you’re far too handsome and distracting to be in the frame for this very serious event”?

17 | Those Stevens boys on For All Mankind sure are messed up without Gordo and Tracy, aren’t they?

18 | On Physical, did Vinnie’s use of the (arguably modern) phrase “full stop” briefly take you out of the series’ ’80s bubble?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share! 

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