Dog the Bounty Hunter sobs and says he would have wanted late wife Beth to move on with new man if he had died instead

DOG THE Bounty Hunter sobbed as he said he would have wanted late wife Beth Chapman to move on with a new man if he had died instead.

The widow has found himself trying to make fans understand that he has love for both his late wife Beth Chapman and his fiancee Francie Frane.

In a recent interview with Katie Souza, Duane tried to reason with fans who questioned whether he was moving too fast after the death of Beth.

The 67-year-old bounty hunter asked as he held back tears: "Let's put it like – what if it was Dog that died? And what if it was Beth who met a Christian man that spoke in a heavenly language? And loved her as much as I did and owned an airplane? What would I say?

"And what if he said, 'Dog, you are in Heaven and I would take care of her and I would love her as much as you did.'

"I would say, 'Beth, you better not lose this one.' I would say that, of course, fans love Beth – Beth will always be in my heart and Francie by my side.

"She's not another Mrs. Dog, she's Francie Chapman."

The newly engaged couple sat down with Katie as they discussed how they met, what life has been like for them after losing both their spouses to cancer, and what fans can expect from them in his upcoming show, Dog's Dirty Dozen.

Earlier this month the reality TV star sat down for an interview on the podcast Always Evolving with Coach Mike Bayer and spoke about his next spinoff series focused on his loved ones and bounty-hunting.

The program comes after his previous show Dog's Most Wanted aired on WGN.

Dog, who lost his wife Beth to cancer in 2019, explained: "The last network was Dog’s Most Wanted with WGN. We broke all records. I’m not just saying, ‘Dog! Dog!’ Not me, the family.

“It was about Beth and her final days. Now, we have the show. We’re all back together.

“Because when a tragedy like that happens in your family, you gotta pull together. So, it’s called Dog’s Dirty Dozen.”

He continued: "We can barely do arrests with the virus right now, so Hollywood’s shut down.

“Once it opens up, we’re coming back.”

Dog, 67, added that this will be the "last" time his entire family will be together to film a reality show, but his goal was just to "do one more.”

Fans can also expect to see Francie, 51, on the show, but she won't be bounty hunting with him, as he revealed in the interview with Katie.

The two met after Dog reached out to Francie's husband at the time to do some work at his Colorado home.

However, Francie informed the TV personality that her husband had passed away just a few months before Beth.

The pair were able to get closer and bond which eventually led them to date one another, and soon moved in together.

Dog and Francie have even done some bounty hunting together.

Dog recently helped authorities nab alleged drug dealer Felix Chujoy in Virginia.

On July 15, he revealed on social media that the fugitive was "captured" and it was in large part thanks to the "tips and leads" locals sent him.

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