Dominic Littlewood screams in agony as he's tasered by police

Dominic Littlewood screamed in agony as he was tasered by police in the latest episode of Dom Does America.

The BBC presenter was put through his paces in the documentary’s seventh episode, where he joined the front line of the American law-enforcement on the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Before taking to the streets, cops exposed Dominic to a taser so that he could better understand what it’s like for suspected criminals to ‘get zapped’.

‘Yes, you’re going to ride the lightning,’ one officer revealed, before going on to explain the pain the weapon would cause.

‘Imagine a cramp throughout every muscle in your body,’ he said. ‘That’s what this is like for five seconds. You can control your bowels, your bladder, stuff like that.’

Assessing the situation, Dominic told the camera: ‘Okay, this is not what I signed up for but it’s something all new recruits have to go through.’

Dom was then taken into a warehouse where the policeman talked him through the practice.

‘Is there a safety word like in 50 Shades Of Grey?’ the anxious host said, prompting the officer to reply: ‘You’re not going to have any control of what you’re saying or doing or screaming during that five seconds.’

Dom was then stunned by the taser and cried out in pain as the barbed dart hit his back.

After falling to the ground, he was helped up by the cops.

‘That was the most intense and quite horrible experience you’re ever going to have,’ Dom confessed after the ordeal.

Viewers were shocked by the scenes at hand, with one writing: ‘I cannot believe you took a taser shot! and this is what every office has to do in the USA for training!!’

‘Love your American show. Lots of bottle and game to take anything on. Thanks for a great show. Not sure about taking a taser gun though!’ added another.

Rather him than us…

Dom Does America is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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