Donald Trump 'taking a look' at pardoning Tiger King's Joe Exotic

President Donald Trump has said he’ll ‘look into’ pardoning Tiger King’s Joe Exotic who is currently serving a 22 year sentence for murder for hire and animal abuse charges.

The leader told reporters on Wednesday that he hadn’t seen the record-breaking Netflix documentary series, which delves into the wild world of big cat collectors and conservationists, but will

Trump’s pledge came after one journalist asked ‘One of the biggest rating hits of the coronavirus, aside from these briefings, is a show on Netflix called Tiger King.

‘The man who is the star of this, a former zoo owner, is serving a 22 year prison sentence, he’s asking you for a pardon, that he was unfairly convicted, your son jokingly said he’d advocate for it and I was wondering if you’d seen the show and had any thoughts on pardoning Joe Exotic?’

‘I know nothing about his 22 years so what did he do?’ asked Trump.

‘Allegedly hired someone to murder an animal rights activist but he said that he didn’t do that,’ the journalist answered.

The President probed: ‘Are you on his side? Are you recommending a pardon? I’ll take a look.’

Trump’s comment comes after his son Donald Trump Jr. had called Exotic’s sentence ‘aggressive’ after watching the series in two sittings. 

Speaking on SirirusXM’s Jim Norton and Sam Roberts show, he said: ‘I don’t even know exactly what he was charged with.

‘I watched the show but I don’t know exactly what he was guilty of or wasn’t. It doesn’t seem like he was totally innocent of anything.

‘But when they’re saying, “We’re putting this guy away for 30 years,” I’m saying, That seems … sort of aggressive.’

Last month, it was revealed that Exotic is looking for a presidential pardon. Could his wish soon be granted?

Tiger King is available to stream on Netflix.

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