Doubling Down with the Derricos Finale: Baby Dawsyn and Family Contract COVID-19

The Derricos are sharing their experience with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peak at the season finale of Doubling Down with the Derricos, parents Karen and Deon are in shock after learning that their baby daughter Dawsyn has contracted the coronavirus. The series follows married couple Karen and Deon as they raise their 14 children, composed of quintuplets, triplets and two sets of twins.

Making matters even worse, baby Dawsyn — one of the newborn triplets — was born with a heart condition and had recently undergone heart surgery.

Karen says that one morning when she went to wake Dawsyn up, the young child "was not responding."

"She was not turning her head to me, she wasn't alert or anything," Karen says.

Karen explains she quickly grew worried, saying: "She beat heart surgery and all this other stuff … what is this now?"

"What the heck is this?" Karen tearfully continues alongside Deon in a self-recorded confessional interview. "That's the feeling … like why?"

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Karen explains that Dawsyn was then taken to the hospital, and doctors informed the mom of 14 that they would be checking Dawsyn for meningitis.

"We knew he wanted to keep her overnight and they had to do a COVID-19 test because that's just protocol with the pandemic," Karen explains.

When Karen returned home from the hospital, she says that's when doctor delivered the news.

"'Dawsyn tested positive for COVID-19,'" Karen says, recalling what the doctor had told her.

"My mouth dropped to the floor. I could not believe it. We have been doing everything under the sun to stay safe in this house," Karen says, adding that the family wears gloves and masks and uses hand sanitizer.

She explains that when she had gone out with Dawsyn to take her to her cardiology appointments, "I had her under-wraps, covered up."

"Not only does someone in this house have it, but the one we really don't want to have it, tested positive," Karen adds.

The entire family was diagnosed with COVID-19 in June, though they have seen recovered.

The season finale of Doubling Down with the Derricos airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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