Drag Race UK queen Tia Kofi revealed she was also wearing H&M: ‘Ru didn’t clock it’

RuPaul's Drag Race UK: Tia Kofi is eliminated from show

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Tia Kofi was the latest queen to sashay away on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK after failing to sail through another Lip Sync. The star was part of several dramatic moments during her time on the series, which she explained more about in an interview with Express.co.uk.

Drag Race UK returned with another episode of the competition this week as the queens tackled the Snatch Game.

The hugely-anticipated section of the show often sees some queens soar while others struggle.

Unfortunately, Tia was one of those who failed to impress the judges and was sent home following her lip sync against Lawrence Chaney.

Despite her exit, Tia is still hugely popular among fans and spoke to Express.co.uk and other media about her time on the show recently.

One of the moments viewers are sure to remember in seasons to come, came in episode five when the series returned from lockdown.

Disappointed with their performance of UK Hun?, Tia and Joe Black were the subject of some RuPaul wrath.

Tia was criticised for not upping her game despite being told to improve her outfits each week but things got really heated when Joe admitted they were wearing an off-the-rack H&M dress.

This led to the already iconic outburst from the host who said: “I don’t want to see any f***ing H&M.”

Speaking about what it was like experiencing this first hand, Tia explained how it was the episode after when it sunk it.

She said: “Well, I think the main thing is I didn’t realise until someone posted about it on social media that the next episode, I mean literally wearing an H&M coat in the workroom.

“In my one-to-one with RuPaul, I’m sat there wearing H&M.

“I am so glad that Ru didn’t clock it because that would not have been a moment.”


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Thankfully for Tia, the topic did not come back up in the episode.

However, she also revealed how moved she was by Ru’s criticism as it showed how much he believed in her.

Tia added: “It was a lot but I think it’s pretty obvious that it comes from an absolute place of passion.

“Watching the show back, I really didn’t realise how much Ru was in my corner, willing me to succeed.

“That was probably the most overwhelming thing about watching it back.

“I was like this is what she says behind my back, love that!

“Not at all shady, just very encouraging. I think that’s really where it came from.”

While Tia has now left the popular competition, she’s got some exciting things on the horizon.

She has just released a new single called Outside In with Little Boots and Tom Aspall.

Speaking about this, she added: “It’s a very poppy bop and there will be a music video.

“And there will be nice clothes. There will be! No ice cream cones, no rolly pollies and no sad pigeon pterodactyls.”

BBC Three series RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is streaming now on BBC iPlayer, with new episodes every Thursday at 7pm.

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