Eamonn says only a pineapple would suffice in covering his manhood for naked pic

This Morning got a little fruity on Tuesday's show, after they discussed Dev's antics in Coronation Street about posing with strategically-placed fruit.

Soap expert Sharon Marshall joked asking if Eamonn would be tempted to take part in a calendar himself.

"Would you be up for it if we did a male calendar here? I don't know how much fruit I would need!" she exclaimed.

"I don't have any bananas" she said, as Sharon held up various items of fruit.

"Not a pear, not an orange" insisted Eamonn, as Sharon then held up a plum.

Eamonn, 61, added cheekily: "I have to say, do you have any pineapples?"

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"I was thinking maybe something like that?" he said, implying it was more his size as he held up the fruit.

He made a confession that shocked wife Ruth, 61, about a previous calendar offer.

"I was asked to do one of these calendars," he said as Ruth asked "Why didn't you do it?"

"It was a rugby one," he continued.

Ruth interrupted: "But you don't play rugby? Was it rugby players?"

"No! I would have had to cover myself with a rugby ball. I think it was for testicular cancer" he explained, as Ruth apologised.

"Do you want all the gory details?" he laughed.

"I was just wondering how I missed this!" said Ruth.

Eamonn added: "Well I didn't do it."

Sharon couldn't resist one last size joke, adding "At least it was rugby and not ping pong"

They had the giggles earlier over Coronation Street's discussion about "Dev's hairy kiwis".

One fan joked: "OMG Dev naked in the shop, that scene was a hoot."

"Glad I missed Corrie then" laughed another.

This fan had another suggestion for Eamonn: "Two grapes?"

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