EastEnders fans in tears as Bailey Baker makes herself homeless so her family can afford to eat

EASTENDERS fans are in tears after Bailey Baker ran away from home after realising her family couldn’t afford to feed themselves.

The talented student decided to leave the Taylor’s flat with dog Banjo over her fears that she had cost them money.

Viewers have watched as Karen Taylor has struggled to put food on the table after losing her job in the launderette and ruining her chances of a redundancy payment.

She also lost her child benefits for two of her children after they went to live with their dad.

But after winning a part in a grand science fair, the cost was too much for Karen and Bailey’s dad Mitch.

And they didn’t do a great job of hiding their money worries.

Bailey has blamed herself, insisting that she is the reason they have no money, and tonight she took action.

Lying to her dad about the science competition, Bailey pretended that she didn’t want him there – after discovering he didn’t have enough money to pay for the tube journey.

After he left, she packed her bag and left him a note telling him she had run away.

Viewers watched in tears as Bailey walked off with Banjo to live on the streets – putting herself in horrifying danger.

One wrote: "Bailey is going to run away."

A second said: "Bailey trying to run away, I had a feeling that she would."

Another added: "Bailey is proper breaking my heart."


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