EastEnders fans swoon over topless Zack Hudson as he shows off chiseled abs after steamy one-night stand

EASTENDERS fans were left swooning over topless Zack Hudson as he showed off her chiseled abs after a steamy one-night stand.

The ladies man – played by actor James Farrar – certainly turned up the heat during tonight's instalment of the BBC soap.

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Sharon walked into the kitchen to find her brother's date sat on the counter finishing off her carton of orange juice.

"Hope you have some more," the girl joked.

And she definitely didn't give off the best first impression as the bar manager decided to get her own back.

Sharon shouted across the landing as Zack was getting dressed: "Zack, I've got your cream!

"The pharmacist said if your warts don't clear up by next week you'll need to go to the clinic…"

She then said to his one-night stand: "What's his is yours…"

As Sharon giggled to herself the girl ran back into his bedroom and screamed: "I hope it drops off!"

A mortified Zack, who had just a pair of jeans on and his t-shirt placed over his shoulder, walked back into the kitchen and confessed: "I liked her…"

Sharon told him to put his top on before they started their conversation, but fans of the hit show disagreed with her comment.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to share their appreciation for his chiseled abs and muscly arms.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to share their appreciation for his chiseled abs and muscly arms.

Sharon told Zack that he needed to get a job and sent him to go and see nightclub owner Ruby Allen.

The chef turned up at Ruby's nightclub for a casual chat and ended up getting VERY flirty as he worked his magic behind the bar.

Ruby's husband Martin walked in on Ruby showing him the cherry trick with her mouth and he wasn't happy, especially considering he had just had a chat with Sharon about his womanising ways.

Martin asked: "Please tell me you're not falling for that?"

The club owner said that as long as he's bringing in punters, she's happy with whatever he does.

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