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EASTENDERS has had the nation gripped with a string of memorable characters, but what really happens once they're sent packing from the Square?

Here, we take a look at the once loved Walford residents – and what they're getting up to now.

Spencer Moon

EastEnders' adorable Spencer Moon stole our hearts when he first arrived on the Square alongside brother Alfie.

Spencer – played by Christopher Parker – departed the soap in 2005 when Alfie sent him to live with his cousin in Australia.

For two years, Christopher took his TV pursuits to the US, where he worked for TMZ and hosted Dead Famous Live alongside Gail Porter in Los Angeles.

Nowadays, his Twitter bio says he's a media solicitor and broadcaster.

Stella Crawford

As Ben Mitchell's evil stepmother-to-be, Stella certainly went down in EastEnders history.

The character manipulated and bullied young Ben between 2006 and 2007, and even burned him with a hot spoon.

She died – on her wedding day to Phil – after the truth came out.

Actress Sophie Thompson has since went on to star in major blockbuster movies, including 2010's epic Eat Pray Love and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Beppe Di Marco

The policeman – played by Michael Greco from 1998 until 2002  – was a real hit with women up and down the country.

After romancing the likes of Sam Mitchell and Lynne Slater, he left the Square after his mum, Rosa, died of a heart attack.

Though it certainly wasn't the end for Michael's TV career as he later appeared on Casualty in 2017.

The actor also spent ten years living in Los Angeles, where he picked up roles in hit TV series Revenge and Western drama Hatfields & McCoys.

Sean Slater

Sean decided it would be best for everyone if he packed his bags and left after driving into an icy lake with his wife Roxy Mitchell and her baby daughter Amy in tow.

And while his character may have had a frosty ending, actor Robert Kazinsky went on to become a hotshot in Hollywood.

The 36-year-old has since went on to star in True Blood, Captain Marvel and Pacific Rim and Warcraft.

Andy Hunter

Actor Michael Higgs – who joined the show in 2003 – was best known for playing hard man Andy.

Kat Slater proved the perfect love interest, but she later left him at the altar for Alfie Moon in 2005.

Michael is married to actress Caroline Catz, who he met while starring in The Bill.

Chelsea Fox

Chelsea Fox – played by Tiana Benjamin – arrived on Walford to join mum Denise and half-sister Libby.

During her time on the show, she developed a cocaine habit and found out that her dad, Lucas, was a murderer.

Since leaving the show in 2010, actress Tiana has been credited in Fast Girls, Casualty and The Interceptor.

Fan can also see her posing up a storm on her Instagram page.

Dennis Rickman

Nigel Harman famously played Dennis on the BBC soap but was killed off on New Year’s Eve in 2005 when he was stabbed to death.

Since his stint on Albert Square, Nigel has had a string of TV and theatre roles.

In 2009, he played hotel manager Sam Franklin in BBC drama Hotel Babylon, and in 2013 he appeared as Green in ITV's Downton Abbey.

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