EastEnders spoilers: Kat Slater plans to scam Phil Mitchell after Kush's money troubles

KAT Slater plans to scam Phil Mitchell next week in EastEnders to solve the family’s money troubles. 

The Slaters have been struggling financially ever since their evil landlord Suki Panesar increased the rent and threatened them with eviction.

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To make matters worse, Kush turned to gambling to pay the rent increase and has been heading down a slippery slope.

Ruby and Suki will try and bankrupt the Slaters by luring Kush to a poker night this week after he steals from the till at Ruby’s. 

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see the Slaters reeling in the aftermath of the poker night.

Everyone is shocked when Kat announces she has an idea that would solve their financial woes.

Stacey and Kush aren’t best pleased by the suggestion but, with only one month’s rent sorted, they agree to Kat’s idea. 

Later, Kat asks Phil Mitchell for help executing their plan, but he declines. 

Kat later tells Kush she can’t believe Phil turned the offer down. 

Kush tells her it’s probably for the best, but Kat isn’t prepared to stop there and offers to clean Phil’s house as a new idea pops into her head. 

Is Kat planning on scamming Phil?

Talking about Kush’s gambling addiction and the poker night, actor Davood Ghadami told Digital Spy: "He must be feeling that he's on a winning streak, he can't lose.

"He's won once, why can't he win twice? And I think once that offer is put on the table and once he sees that environment, he wants to be part of it.

"He's enjoying that buzz too much, he's enjoyed that feeling of, I've made it, it's all good. It's more than just luck.

"He genuinely believes he's got what it takes to beat other people in this game.

"The desire to do this to a family like the Panesars, who he feels are looking down on him, is too much of a pull to ignore. Which is why he goes ahead and does it. He wants to take them on and he wants to beat them."

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