EastEnders spoilers: Max Branning and Linda Carter share a steamy kiss – and are blackmailed by Ian Beale

MAX Branning and Linda Carter share a kiss next week in EastEnders – and are blackmailed by Ian Beale after he spots them. 

Linda and Max first shared a passionate kiss on the pub balcony last month after he caught her turning back to alcohol. 

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And with Mick preoccupied coming to terms with the abuse he suffered at the hands of his former care worker Katy Lewis, Linda and Max have grown even closer since.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Linda bump into Max while buying alcohol at the Minute Mart but quickly make clear it’s for Mick. 

Later, Linda plans an anniversary party at home to celebrate a date they had back when they were 12. 

But Mick freaks out when Linda tries to get him to take a walk down memory lane. 

Later, Mick refuses to open up about what’s unsettling him and Linda takes herself off to the park. 

Max spots her and talks her out of having a drink. 

Ian watches from afar as the pair share a kiss, an idea forming in his head. 

Later in the week, Jack tells Max he needs to move out so that he can concentrate on Amy’s concerning behaviour. 

With nowhere to go, Max threatens Ian and demands his money back, but Ian drops the bombshell that he’s seen him kissing Linda and now has the upper hand.

Later, Max visits Linda at the launderette and they head to The Vic together. 

Max grows concerned when Ian is smug and is horrified when Ian reveals what he’s done.

EastEnders has promised that chaos will be on the menu for the Carters this Christmas as Linda continues to cheat on Mick with Max. 

A spokesperson for EastEnders told Metro.co.uk: “Deck the halls with vengeance and betrayal this Christmas as the residents of Albert Square face a dark and stormy festive season once again.

“After a tumultuous year, secrets and lies are on the menu this Christmas for the Carters. 

“As Mick continues to battle with demons from his past, he fails to notice Linda, feeling more alone than ever, falling victim to temptation and turning elsewhere for comfort– will Linda’s dirty laundry be laid out for everyone to see? Or will Mick find the strength to open up before it’s too late?"

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