EastEnders violent showdown, Corrie Peter death tragedy & 23 more soap spoilers

The final week of the year is almost upon us, and the soaps are set to see 2020 out with a bang!

Patrick Trueman (Rudoplh Walker) is determined to protect Denise Fox (Diane Parish) at all costs in EastEnders, and therefore he pulls out all the stops to do so, after a visit to see Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

Meanwhile, Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) decides to accept that he’s dying in Coronation Street after learning that he might have liver failure.

Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) fears the worst when Millie disappears in Emmerdale, and the body bag mystery is finally solved in Hollyoaks.

It’s all kicking off in soap-land next week, and if you’d like a little taster of what’s to come, then check out our huge guide.


1. Mick speaks to Katy, who tries to pin the blame for his problems on Linda.

2. He finds himself struggling to cope with the enormity of the situation as New Year’s Eve arrives, and as he battles with past demons, he begins to crumble. He prepares to confront his deepest fears and face them head on.

3. Ruby warns Stacey to stay out of her marriage, but Kush later puts his foot in it by letting Ruby know that Stacey wants Martin back.

4. Stuart finds himself in trouble, as he is taken down the station and questioned.He later admits to Callum that it’s Thompson: he’s got himself into trouble, as Callum finds himself in a sticky situation as a result.

5. Gray tells Tina that the witness that saw her going into The Vic on the night of Ian’s attack checks out. Tina is determined to clear her name, and therefore wants to go to the police station, but Gray advises her against it.

6. Max puts pressure on Linda, and things start to become very real. Linda then plans ahead for her future, but will Mick be a part of it? She later seals her fate, and learns some shocking truths along the way.

7. Patrick finds himself in the company of Phil Mitchell, and later in the week, he follows through on his plan to protect Denise.

Coronation Street

8. Peter learns that there is a possibility that he’s suffering from liver failure, and he makes Daniel promise to keep such information to himself. However, Ken discovers the truth and visits his son in hospital, and he’s taken aback by the seriousness of the situation. Peter reveals that he’s got to accept that he’s dying.

9. Toyah and Imran fuss over Mason while out for a walk in the street.  As Toyah bends over the pram to give Mason a kiss, she doesn’t notice Leanne watching from the window of her flat.

10. Billy and Paul are taken aback when they arrive in Speed Daal to find Todd with Ajay. Todd introduces Ajay, explaining that he’s the manager at the helpline — perhaps an attempt to make Billy jealous?

11. As the New Year approaches, Sarah — dressed to the nines with a bottle of wine in her hand — returns to the corner shop flat. After coming face-to-face with Adam, she suggests that they see in the New Year together.Adam is touched by her suggestion — hopeful, even. Sarah opens the wine, and as she does so, Adam gazes at her lovingly.

12. Tim decides to get rid of the toys that Elaine gave to him — much to her dismay. However, when he discovers that one of the toys was worth £2,000, the race is on to track the item down.

13. Arthur returns to the cobbles, but Evelyn wastes little time in telling him how she feels, as she exit the cafe!

14. Debbie quizzes Ray — wondering why Gary changed his mind about selling the factory. Ray’s his usual evasive self, but will Debbie get the truth out of him?


15. Charity aligns herself with Mackenzie once more, as they plot to rob a driver. However, an altercation soon ensues, and the driver grabs a baseball bat!

16. Jamie and Dawn are left concurred when Millie vanishes while under their supervision.

17. Priya wants Ellis’ help in getting Al’s parents to come to the wedding, but will her meddling result in her discovering her beau’s affair?

18. Kim informs Mackenzie he’ll be rewarded if he sucessfully takes down Cain.

19. Marlon agrees to spend New Year’s Eve with Rhona, but will passion ensue?

20. Harriet struggles to move on.


21. The police put out a search for Charlie, and raid Nancy’s house. Nancy is devastated when they locate drugs inside Charlie’s game controller. Everyone is frantically looking for Charlie and Ella, but will Victor get to them first?

22. Tragedy strikes at The Hutch, as it becomes a crime scene, and John Paul is broken when he spots PC George Kiss’ police badge lying next to the body bag.

23. With Victor having threatened to kill one of Juliet’s loved ones, she frantically warns all those closest to her.

24. She turns up at the Lomaxes and confesses her love for Peri.

25. Leela is filled with fear as she finds Sid’s smashed up guitar in The Dog car park.

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