Emmerdale fans convinced Malone will get revenge on Will Taylor – after Harriet saves his life

EMMERDALE fans are furious with Harriet for saving Malone – and think she’s just signed Will Taylor’s death warrant.

In Friday night’s episode Malone was left lifeless on the floor after Will got sick of his threats and smacked him with a spanner.

But tonight he performed a disappearing act leaving Will terrified.

He managed to crawl out of the garage and through the village into the church without being noticed by anyone.

Malone then desperately called Harriet for help with his injuries before settling down in the pews to bleed out.

But as Harriet arrived in the church she was shocked by the state he was in.

“What the hell happened? Who did this to you?“ she demanded to know, looking at him.

“We need to get you to a hospital. Something really bad happened to you? Well you need to get out of here and go and die somewhere else then.

But as he struggled to get up, Harriet relented and told him to stay the night.

She grabbed the first aid box to treat his injuries and fans were disappointed in her.

After everything he had done she still decided to help him rather than send him on his way.

One wrote: “Of course Harriet lets him stay. #Emmerdale 🙄"

A second said: “harriet🤬🤬#emmerdale"

Another added: “u can see wots going to happen ffs harriet get rid of him bloody hell #emmerdale"

And other fans think she has set up Will for revenge – and someone may pay a big price.

One wrote: “I think Malones gonna get revenge on William by trying to kill Dawn but he winds up killing Billy. #Emmerdale"

Whereas another thinks he will steal Harriet away: “Malone going to some serious spin on the reason of attack. Will May have helped Malone get Harriot back with that assault on him."

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