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THE son of late serial killer Pierce Harris, Marcus Dean is thought to keep a dark secret from Dales residents.

After a recent scene in Emmerdale involving Charles and Ethan Anderson, fans are convinced the character is too good to be true.

Many newcomers are shrouded with mystery upon their first arrival in the eponymous village but their secrets always unravel with time.

This could be the case again with Pierce Harris' estranged son Marcus, portrayed by Darcy Grey.

A scene aired on Monday left fans flabbergasted… and convinced the character had a darker side.

Emmerdale vicar Charles Anderson (played by Kevin Mathurin) found out his long-lost daughter Naomi was missing.

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Marcus then took it upon himself to do some digging and, before long, found some information to do with someone who was likely Naomi.

He even found a picture of the youngster, helping Charles know who he was looking for.

But while many may have been happy Marcus was there to help, other viewers saw his initiative as a red flag and proof he could be a bit of a stalker.

According to these fans, Ethan and Charles should watch out.

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"So Marcus basically telling Ethan he has stalker skills – nothing to be worried about there then", one viewer commented on Twitter.

"Ewww that's a bit creepy Marcus", another penned while a third fan added: "Top stalkery from Marcus there."

Worries about Marcus were even shared on Facebook with one fan writing: "Does anyone think Marcus is dodgy? He seemed to push that Ethan's sister is safe. Then Charles said, 'How do you know that?' and Marcus sort of mumbled his reply."

"Think he is trying to get to Charles, to see how he reacts to him!", one agreed as another replied: ""Ethan took Marcus in for too quickly, Marcus is dodgy and Ethan is far too needy."

Another fan followed up with: "I don't like Marcus's character at all he is up to something to cause trouble for Charles and Ethan both too trusting."

As it turns out, Marcus wasn't wrong – Charles found Naomi alive and well (and played by Karene Peter) on Tuesday's instalment of the Yorkshire-based soap.


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ITV viewers were first introduced to Marcus when he met up with village vet Rhona Goskirk as her former serial killer husband was getting ready to die behind bars.

Since then, Marcus has settled into the village, embarking on a romantic relationship with Ethan Anderson.

But while he appears not to have inherited all of his father's villainous behaviours, soap fans have speculated he may be hiding something since he first showed up.

Actor Darcy Grey only confirmed their suspicions by teasing an upcoming dark twist for his character later this year.

"I remember the guys going, 'be careful, because we're not sure how the audience are going to react to you' because obviously the history between me and my dad," he said during the British Soap Awards in June.

"I think everyone's expecting Marcus to be maybe a little bit more evil than they expected but time will tell about how that will unfold."

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Is Marcus really hiding something?

Emmerdale airs on ITV.

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