Emmerdale fans work out guard Ians surprise link to Meena murder victim Ben

Emmerdale fans think they have worked out a "surprise link" between prison guard Ian and Meena Jutla's murder victim Ben Tucker.

Only recently, Meena has been flirting with her prison guard Ian with viewers also predicting that he could be the evil nurse's next victim or he is planning to help her escape.

On Wednesday's episode, Meena took to the stand to lie and defend herself where she claimed that Ben was killed in self-defence while Leanna Cavanagh had ended her own life.

Prior to the shocking scenes, Meena had been rehearsing her speech in her cell while her prison guard Ian looked on, even lending her a mirror to look at.

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Soap watchers now think that Ian has an ulterior motive and that he could have known one of Meena's victims, Ben.

Taking to social media, one person said: "#emmerdale I bet Ian is Ben's brother. Or a figment of Meena's mind! One of those."

A different account put: "I’m sorry but I’m not believing this guard Ian is a gullible as he’s coming across.. here’s my theory Ian could be a brother of Meena first victim her best friend or a brother of Ben maybe and he might kill Meena or something. Just a guess."

While another follower wrote: "#Emmerdale This Ian bloke had a friend or relation that were killed by Meena and he takes revenge."

It comes after fans were left frustrated over Meena's blunder on Tuesday's episode as she made a gesture to sister Manpreet Sharma in court.

During the episode, Manpreet decided to testify against Meena, who has pleaded not guilty for the murders of Ben, Leanna and Andrea Tate.

At the tense trial, Manpreet gave evidence against Meena and revealed how her sibling had confessed to all of her murders while she was holding her hostage earlier this year.

However, during the tense court scenes, Meena decided to make a gesture at her sister as she made a heart sign with her hands.

Taking to Twitter, fans were quick to point out Meena's court room blunder as they questioned why the lawyers, judges or jury didn't notice her move.

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