Emmerdale spoilers: Belle Dingle in stabbing horror as voice of mum Lisa says to knife someone to protect her family

BELLE Dingle is embroiled in a stabbing horror next week in Emmerdale as the voices in her head tell her to knife someone to protect her family. 

Belle – who was previously diagnosed with schizophrenia on the soap – started hearing the voice of her late mum Lisa after Jamie Tate framed her for the hit and run which he was actually responsible for.

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Belle tried to betray Jamie by turning him into the police after he confessed to running over her sister-in-law Moira and showed her the evidence.

But Jamie was having none of it and decided to implicate Belle in the crime, magicking a fake witness out of thin air.

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Chas tell Cain he has to get revenge on Jamie for what he’s put Belle through. 

The next day, a furious Cain picks up a length of metal pipe and heads out, determined to teach Jamie a lesson. 

But Sam runs to Moira and begs her to stop Cain before he does something he’ll regret. 

Moira confronts Cain at the Dingle barn, reminding him how guilty he felt after what happened with Joe, but struggles to calm him down. 

Before Cain gets an opportunity to get revenge, however, troublemaker Mackenzie locks the pair in the barn. 

Later in the week, Belle continues to hallucinate and is haunted by the voice of Lisa. 

Struggling to work out what’s real and what’s in her head, Belle quickly deteriorates as the voice of Lisa tells her she has to protect her family.

Meanwhile, Nate and Tracy prepare for their gender reveal party. 

The party kicks off but Lydia is confused when she realises that Belle has disappeared along with the cafe knife. 

Meanwhile, Belle wanders through the village with the knife in her hand, terrified that someone is after her. 

Back at the Woolpack, Cain realises that Belle hasn’t been taking her medication, and Nate and Tracy admit they recently found her digging in a grave. 

Cain is furious with Nate for keeping Belle's antics a secret but he’s interrupted when they realise Belle has taken the knife. 

Sam frantically calls the police as everyone heads out to search for Belle. 

Meanwhile, convinced Jamie is chasing her, Belle runs through the woods.

Emmerdale has revealed that the voice of ‘Lisa’ will then tell Belle to use the knife to protect herself.

Might someone end up getting hurt?

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