Emmerdales Laurel death fears as Colin kidnaps her in dark hostage twist

Emmerdale's Laurel and Jai struggle to cope next week as their plans to leave for India are jeopardised by a distraught Archie.

A worried Laurel reveals Archie's illness, leading Jai to lose his temper, ending in a tense household as they can't seem to get on while Jai mourns his father.

Jai is set to travel to India after Rishi's death, and Laurel decides to join Jai in India after getting a warning from Suni.

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But horror strikes when Laurel goes to retrieve Marshall’s passport, as a furious Colin turns nasty and locks her in Marshall’s bedroom.

Terrified and scared and without her phone, Laurel is trapped in the room and needs to find a way to free herself from Colin's grip.

Meanwhile, Suni and Nicola worry they haven’t heard from Laurel but Suni’s suggestion to message Jai and find out is shut down by Nicola, who thinks they might need some space.

Laurel tries to escape when she hits Colin over the head and tries to dash for the door but she is terrified to discover she is completely locked in.

Jai, Nicola and Suni become increasingly worried about her absence and panic when Arthur reveals Laurel was meant to pick up Marshall’s passport from Colin’s.

At the same time in the house, unstable Colin forces Laurel to unlock her phone and Colin texts Jai to imply Laurel has relapsed.

Colin's reactions become increasingly dangerous and Laurel prays for rescue when a police officer arrives, but Colin will not let her go.

Before long Jai and Suni take matters into their own hands in their search for Laurel, but will they find her and will she be okay?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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