Emmerdale's Lewis Cope confirms Nicky has secret reasons for pursuing Gabby

If the walls of Emmerdale’s Home Farm could talk they’d have a lot to say recently about the goings-on between Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) and nanny-with-no-surname Nicky (Lewis Cope).

Since the two gave in to their mutual attraction it seems they can’t keep their hands off each other – and they’re not entirely discreet about what they get up to and where. As soon as they get the house to themselves (although we have to presume Thomas is sleeping soundly upstairs) they’re making full use of Kim Tate (Claire King)’s no doubt expensive furniture.

For Nicky, life is good according to actor Lewis Cope.

’He enjoys his job, he enjoys living in Home Farm and looking after the kids and being around Gabby,’ he told us. ‘Gabby and Nicky have been spending a lot of time together, they’re getting super close and they’re sick of just hiding it so they come to the decision, “we’re adults, we’re mature, we can have a relationship and we shouldn’t allow Kim to make us feel as though we can’t.”’

But with Gabby’s notoriously poor record as far as men are concerned – with Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) and Fit Kit the Philandering Physio (Thoren Ferguson) being prime examples – fans have been left wondering whether her latest beau is really as nice as he seems.

Indeed, partly because Nicky’s name comes up on the credits without a surname – a strong sign that, when we do discover his surname, he’s going to have a connection with another character – and partly because nobody is that nice in a soap, many have concluded he must be a wrong ‘un and Gabby is headed for heartbreak yet again.

When questioned on these very matters, Lewis Cope was hardly reassuring on the subject. Asked whether Nicky is serious about a future with Gabby he said, ‘He seems to have a huge interest in Gabby and he’s got his reasons why he wants to be with her which will all come out eventually.’

Intriguing! Tell us more…

‘I think Nicky’s got a lot going on and maybe, with it being a soap, maybe there is more,’ he teased.

Unfortunately he wouldn’t be drawn on what Nicky’s secret, if he indeed has one, could be. But he did say he was amused by the various fan theories that have been going around.

‘The fan theories have been great. It’s been nice to see how other people view the situation and the character – and just the madness of what some people actually come up with! It’s been fun.’

This was something that was recently also addressed by his co-star Rosie Bentham.

‘The speculation is really funny to look at,’ she told Metro.co.uk. ‘I don’t think anyone’s got it bang on at the minute. No one’s actually thinking that this guy is who he says he is.’

In upcoming episodes Kim sacks Nicky after discovering that he’s been having a relationship with Gabby – so Nicky decides to propose to Gabby.

‘On the day that he gets sacked he then has his mam’s ring with him which he just decides to, on that same point, propose. I think just as a way of showing how much he cares,’ Lewis told us.

Is this part of some master plan to establish himself even more at the heart of Home Farm? Once again, Lewis isn’t saying.

‘I think he kind of acts on his instincts and I don’t think he’s always thought everything through. However he feels in the moment, he goes with it,’ is all he’d divulge.

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