Emmerdales Mack’s mystery man unveiled as fans work out his secret identity

Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd recently betrayed his loving partner Charity Dingle by sleeping with a mystery partner which many assumed was another woman from the other side of the village.

Earlier this month, the Scottish heartthrob opened up about his wild night of passion to his close pal Nate which sent fans wild as they flooded social media with their theories online.

Now fans are questioning their initial theories as many deduce the TV hunk may have actually tumbled out of bed with a man who is quite the familiar face around the Dales.

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Eagle-eyed viewers realised that Mack has only ever referred to his secret partner as ‘they’ rather than ‘he’ or ‘she’, and as they never saw the person’s face on the show.

While he continues to hide his scandalous affair from his loving girlfriend Charity, fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on who his mystery partner could be.

Taking to Twitter, one user penned: “I’m going to say it again – definitely Mack and Marcus [eyes emoji] # emmerdale ” as another agreed: “Mack definitely slept with Marcus #Emmerdale.”

A third pointed out: “I still have a feeling Mackenzie slept with a fella. While he was talking to Nate he never said ‘she; normally you would, if it was a woman. Not ‘they’ or ‘someone’.

“I think its Marcus, then again how much does he have to lose? #emmerdale.”

However, some people aren’t convinced that he has slept with a man, with some convinced that they spotted acrylic nails on his lover’s hand as they knocked his phone away in the 10-second scene.

One user argued: “Why are people suggesting Mack slept with Aaron/ Nate/ Marcus [two cry laughing emojis] unless these lads have decided to wear acrylic nails and suddenly have very small hands and arms I highly doubt it #emmerdale."

Yet others are convinced that the brunette beefcake could have shacked up with returning star Aaron Dingle who is set to cause chaos in the village for the 50th anniversary.

This time taking to Facebook, one user theorised: "I think Mack slept with a man. Possibly Aaron. He never once said 'she', he said 'they'. Just a thought."

Another agreed: "I did notice he kept referring to the person as they … thought that was a bit odd."

A third pointed out: "Mack is bisexual though – when he first arrived at the village he was after Aaron!" while another echoes: "There was certainly some chemistry between Mack and Aaron."


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