Emmerdales Ryan Stocks new Woolpack owner as fans twig ​latest Charity scheme

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Emmerdale fans are sure they've twigged Charity Dingle's latest scheme to get her hands back on The Woolpack – and it involves her son Ryan Stocks.

Ever since Charity was ousted from owning the Woolpack by Chas and Marlon after cheating on girlfriend Vanessa, she's been feeling left out of both family and business affairs. And though Chas offered her a chance to buy back into the failing pub, Charity stuck her nose up at the proposal.

But could she be eyeing up erasing Chas from the competition altogether?

Fans of the ITV soap certainly seem to think so, after her son Ryan came into an incredible inheritance from his adoptive mum Irene, who left him her house and assets after her death.

And, according to eagle-eyed viewers, Charity could be trying to get back into her son's good books to manipulate him into buying the pub for her.

With The Woolpack up for auction and the owner to be confirmed in the coming days, it's certainly a possibility not to be discarded.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "Charity wants Ryan to buy the Woolie so she can rub Chas' face in it – 'I've got the pub and you're barred!' #Emmerdale."

As another agreed: "Could Ryan be the new owner of The Woolpack? He is going to get a lot of money I think from his mum's will!"

"Looking more and more likely Ryan will buy the pub from his inheritance from his mum," someone else echoed, while a fourth suggested: "Ryan and Charity buying the pub maybe?"

Someone else quipped: "Ryan inherits a shed load of money and buys the pub. No probate in Emmerdale!"

Elsewhere in Thursday night's episode, Liv was finally set free from prison after being incarcerated for Ben Tucker's murder – but viewers are yet to discover the key piece of evidence police uncovered to get her out.

And fans were more than disappointed that her brother Aaron didn't turn up to court to support his little sister.

Police did, however, confirm that serial killer Meena hasn't yet been caught – and it's suggested she fled the country.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7pm on ITV.

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