Entourage Creator Doug Ellin Accuses HBO of 'Hiding' Series Due to 'Wave of Righteous PC Culture'

Entourage creator Doug Ellin believes a “wave of righteous PC culture” has tarnished the series’ legacy, leading HBO to distance itself from the Emmy-winning comedy in recent years amid Hollywood’s #MeToo reckoning.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Ellin accuses HBO of minimizing Entourage‘s presence online. “For a while, we were hiding in, like, ‘Wish-Fulfillment Shows,’” he says. “We were nominated for the Emmys or the Golden Globes almost every single year, so to not put us on the ‘Must-See Comedy’ list was pretty bizarre.” (A quick scan of HBO Max reveals that Entourage is, in fact, listed under the ‘Must-Watch Comedies’ tab, sandwiched between Sex and the City and Curb Your Enthusiasm.)

Asked how he feels about the perceived cold shoulder the show is getting from HBO, Ellin admits, “I resent it tremendously,” adding, “Nobody says that about The Sopranos, where they murder people, that maybe we should readdress whether murdering people on TV is OK. I don’t want to sound obnoxious or that I’m looking at Entourage as high art, but it was a pretty accurate portrayal of how people [behaved] at that time in Hollywood.”

Ellin goes on to speculate that the retroactive backlash to Entourage is what led HBO to pass on his 2012 follow-up, the comedy 40, starring Michael Imperioli, Michael Rappaport and Ed Burns. The project never made it beyond the pilot stage, something Ellen says he will “never forgive” HBO for.

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“Whether they thought it was good or not, I earned my chance to have a second shot,” Ellin maintains in the Yahoo interview. “And they put some other pretty crappy shows on [instead].”

TVLine has reached out to HBO for a comment.

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