Eva Longoria Reunites with Andy Garcia for New Quibi Series: 'We Had to Do This Together'

Eva Longoria‘s latest role finds her on a much smaller screen. The Desperate Housewives actress reunites with Andy Garcia in the new Quibi comedy Flipped, streaming on mobile devices now.

“Andy drew me to the show. Anything Andy does, I have to do,” Longoria tells PEOPLE. “Andy and I do everything together, so we had to do this together.”

The pair previously co-starred in the 2012 films A Dark Truth and For Greater Glory: The True Story of Cristiada. In Flipped, they play a married power couple running a Mexican cartel that kidnaps a pair of self-proclaimed renovation experts, husband Jann and wife Cricket, played by Will Forte and Kaitlin Olson, respectively.

Garcia, 63, and Longoria, 45, make their first appearance in episodes set to be released Friday — and they can’t reveal much about their roles.

“Anything you say about it is ultimately going to spoil whatever surprise there might be or whatever definition of what people might put on the characters,” Garcia tells PEOPLE.

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Longoria, 45, admits this wasn’t the only reunion that made her jump aboard Flipped.

“I am a big fan of Kaitlin Olson. I directed a lot of The Mick, and she’s just one of the best comedians on TV,” Longoria says. “I just thought, Oh my gosh, I’d never had a chance to act with her, so this was a fun opportunity for me.”

Garcia, 63, was also excited about getting to work with Olson and Forte.

“For me, it has to do with the writing and the people involved,” Garcia explains. “It’s always about the writing and the people involved: Kaitlin and Will and Eva — that was an easy thing to get attracted to and be stimulated by.”

“It’s not often you get to go and just play, and we got to just go and play,” Longoria adds. “We had no cares in the world. We got to go and just bask in the comedic genius of Kaitlin and Will and have fun ourselves. Let me tell you, playing Andy’s wife is so much fun. We have done it a couple of times, so anytime we can recreate the relationship, we try to.”

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Quibi launched Monday as the first entertainment platform designed specifically for the phone. Flipped is one of the service’s “Movies in Chapters”: scripted stories told in chapters that are seven to 10 minutes in length.

The two stars reveal they’ve each been consuming the platform’s content in their respective homes while practicing social distancing. Both actors are excited about the new technology, which plans on launching 175 original shows and 8,500 pieces of content in its first year.

“We already watch a lot of stuff on the phone; people tune into a trailer or a piece of news or a talk show,” Garcia says. “My sense is you’re going to find a lot of people tuning into this service because of the quality of the shows. They’re beautifully shot, the production values are very high, and they’re very entertaining.”

“I was really impressed that when we were shooting, the quality of filmmaking, TV-making was the same as any other job I’ve done,” Longoria says. “It’s not like, oh it’s different because it’s for the phone. It was the same great quality of production and that, to me, was really cool. You’ve got to go where the demand is and the demand is people are watching content on their phone, and I think it’s smart to create a whole platform dedicated to that.”

Flipped is now available on Quibi.

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