Fawlty Towers actor John Cleese to front a new show on GB News

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    John Cleese will be fronting a new TV and radio show on GB News, he announced today.

    The Faulty Towers actor, 82, told BBC Radio Four he was looking forward to hosting a new one-hour programme on the channel, adding that he was attracted to the idea of working on a platform which promoted free speech.

    Speaking to Amol Amol Rajan on Monday (October 10) morning, the star admitted he was unaware who GB News were when they approached him because he's "pretty much given up" on modern television.

    The Monty Python actor explained: “I was approached and I didn't know who they were.

    "And I don't know much about modern television because I've pretty much given up on it…and then I met one or two of the people concerned and had dinner with them and I liked them very much.

    “It's a free speech channel and I am working with a young fellow, Andrew Doyle, who's a stand up comic.

    The comedian went on to say that the GB News audience won't be familiar with things he'll be talking about, admitting that he could never do it for the BBC because he'd be "cancelled" within the first five minutes.

    He said: “Well, the nice thing about talking to the GB News audience is that they may not be used to hearing the sort of things I'll be saying. 

    "I mean, the BBC have not come to me and said ‘would you like to have some time on our shows’, and if they did I would say ‘not on your nelly, because I wouldn't get wouldn't get five minutes into the first show before I'd been cancelled or censored!"

    Speaking about the legendary comedy series Monty Python, which was broadcast on the BBC from 1969 to 1974, the actor discussed whether it could be commissioned today, saying: "Well about four years ago the guy in charge of light entertainment said he wouldn’t commission it now…

    “If people enjoy something, then the BBC should be making more of it. And if people don't enjoy something, they should probably make less of it, but their job is to produce the best possible programmes.”

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