Finding Alice ending branded 'an insult to viewers' for 'flat and frustrating' cliffhanger ending

ITV viewers were left fuming at the series finale of the Keeley Hawes' led drama, Finding Alice.

Angry fans labelled the finale "lazy" and "unsatisfying" just a day after other viewers slammed the series for being "pathetic" and "rubbish".

The new ITV series follows widow Alice (Keeley Hawes) after the death of her beloved husband of 20 years, Harry.

After Harry's death, she struggles with overwhelming feelings of loss, abandonment and disorientation.

As Alice continues to settle into her new home, she uncovers an unsettling secret Harry had desperately tried to hide.

His dark trail of debt, suspicion and criminality leaves her blindsided.

The series finale does not tie up who actually killed Harry and sees his secret son George, threaten to expose his other love children.

This would be a problem for Alice who is not only trying to have another child by using Harry frozen sperm but also because she is working closely with property developer Tanvi on plot of land under her dead husband's name.

But Alice suspects Tanvi of also having one of Harry's secret children from his frozen semen.

Viewers accused show bosses of deliberately leaving loose ends at the end of the series because it was "just setting up for another series".

Some even threatened to boycott any forthcoming seasons on principle.

"Passable black comedy … but what was that ending?! Just trying to get a second season out of it," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "Just finished watching #FindingAlice There must be another planned series? That ending didn't tie up any of the lose ends or answer questions. I hate when you invest your time into a drama TV series and you get a flat ending. I feel it's an insult to viewers."

A third said: "Did anyone else find the ending of #findingalice sooooo disappointing (in fact, I'm sorry, but the whole series was.) I so wanted Someone to get their comeuppance. I get that it paves the way for another series (which I won't be watching) but was so frustrating and unsatisfying."


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