First Dates fans go wild as the viral 'fish and rice cake guy' appears on the show and looks RIPPED

FIRST Dates fans tonight went wild as the man who went viral for being the "fish and rice cake guy" appeared on the show and looked RIPPED.

Danny Andrews rose to fame in 2007 on the BBC Three documentary Babyfaced Bodybuilders.

But on this evening's episode of the Channel 4 dating show, he shocked viewers with how different he looked.

In the BBC Three documentary, a 16-year-old Danny went viral after explained his daily diet during the fortnight prior to the Mr Cumbria body-building competition.

It consisted of eight sets of fish and rice cakes, leading to his decade-long-nickname of ‘fish and rice cake guy’.

The video was so popular that memes popped up of the teenager and the video dominated the internet.

So you can imagine viewers' delight when Danny popped up on First Dates tonight.

This one tweeted: "Omg I’m shook with the “Fish and a rice cake” guy!"

Another one said: "Fish and a rice cake hahahahahahaha."

While this fan loved seeing Danny back on the telly: "Fish and a rice cake man oh my God what a hero."

In tonight's episode the 31-year-old failed to hit it off with holiday resort singer Abbie – and instead caught the eye of a diner on another date.

In a tease to next week show, Danny returns to the First Dates restaurant for another date.

Danny, who now owns a barbershop in Preston, has changed dramatically over the years and now is incredibly ripped.

But he said the famous "fish and rice cake" label still haunts him.

Speaking to LADbible, he said: "Some people rip me saying I thought fish was brain food, but clearly it's not.

"People ask if I was sponsored by Captain Birdseye. People have made memes and remixes on YouTube, also Scott Mills used to play it weekly, he even spoke to Jake Gyllenhaal about it."

But it seems Danny has had the last laugh.

He said: "My diet was only that for the last two weeks before my show – I don't actually like fish. Instead of saying I have eight meals of fish a day, and every other meal I have a rice cake, I was trying to work out times.

"So it makes me appear absolutely stupid, fitting the stereotype of the typical bodybuilder.

"At the time I was so embarrassed, but I have embraced it.

"I look completely different now when I say I'm into the gym people ask if I'm on the fish and the rice cakes, not knowing it's me."


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