Fox News is laying off staff, with big cuts to hair and makeup

  • Fox News is planning a round of layoffs, affecting just under 3% of staff, multiple outlets reported.
  • The outlet's on-air talent are spared, but every other part of the company is affected — especially the hair and makeup teams.
  • The cuts mean hair and makeup will no longer be provided to Fox News guests, according to The Wrap, The Hollywood Reporter, and Bloomberg.
  • The reports said that anchors like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson will continue to receive those services.
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Fox News has made layoffs across much of the company as part of a restructuring, according to multiple reports.

The cuts are said to particularly affect its hair and makeup teams, meaning only regular on-air personalities will receive styling, as opposed to external guests..

The Wrap reported that the layoffs happened on Wednesday, and citing an internal memo from Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott. The memo said that "as a result of this reorganization, many of our co-workers and friends will be departing," per The Wrap.

A Fox News representative told both The Wrap and The Hollywood Reporter "we are realigning several functions and restructuring various divisions in order to position all of our businesses for ongoing success."

Bloomberg also reported the statement.

The reports said that less than 3% of the workforce would be leaving, with hair and makeup hardest hit.

The Wrap reported that ultimately people in all parts of the company would be affected, except for on-air faces, like its anchors and contributors.

The outlet noted that hair and makeup staff had their work disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. It said 90% of those staff had been unable to work for months, but had still been paid.

The cuts mean that only Fox News on-air staff will have access to hairstylists and makeup artists, and guests will not, The Wrap, Bloomberg, and The Hollywood Reporter all reported.

Business Insider has contacted Fox News for comment.

The network has been conducting more remote interviews than normal during the pandemic, like most networks.

The Hollywood Reporter said that Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch told staff in an August memo that non-production staff should expect to continue working remotely until 2021.

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