'Friends': British Fans Love the One Character Most People Hate

The television series Friends first launched in 1994. The cast had no idea how successful the show was about to come.

NBC network produced the series that so many people instantly fell in love with. Friends centered around a close-knit group of friends who navigated New York City and life together.

The long-running show finally came to an end in 2004 after 10 seasons. Fans and viewers are pretty well-versed and knowledgeable when it comes to the episodes, but there are a few surprising facts about the series that they might not know. 

What are some surprising facts about the popular television series ‘Friends’? 

When a show is on the air for a decade there are bound to be a few unexpected surprises and facts for fans and viewers to indulge in. That is definitely the case for the beloved TV series Friends. One of the most ironic facts pertaining to show is that the opening credits that the show is so famous for were not actually filmed in New York. 

Another surprising fact is that the original title of the show was actually Insomnia Café. Many people may also be shocked to learn that Courtney Cox was first offered the part of Rachel Green before declining to take on the role of Monica Geller, a character who Cox thought was stronger.

The show underwent a lot of changes before airing, but, in the end, it all seemed to be for the best. One of the most ironic facts pertaining to Friends is that the opening credits that the show is so famous for were not actually filmed in New York.

What is FriendsFest?

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FriendsFest is a testimony to the show’s popularity and success, but what exactly is it? FriendsFest is a UK festival that allows Friends fans to explore the sets and infamous items that served as the backdrop of the New York City-based show. It gives fans and viewers the opportunity to really step into the scene. Not to mention, it is the ultimate photo opportunity for Friends lovers. Recently FriendsFest sparked an interesting revelation amongst British fans. 

Which ‘Friends’ characters do British fans love the most? 

When FriendsFest recently took over London Comedy Central used this as an opportunity to survey Friends fans via Twitter. They asked fans and viewers to vote on who their favorite character was. Monica Geller came in last place.

But things were quite different when it came to Cox’s fictional brother. Surprisingly enough, Ross Geller came in the first place in regard to British fans’ favorite character. 

What is Ross Geller best known for on ‘Friends’? 

A lot of people may be surprised to learn that Friends fans in the UK are so fond of Ross Geller. The character’s reputation is centered around his intelligent, awkward, and oddly charming nature.

In the episodes, Ross is often seen geeking-out over his paleontologist job. He also loved to not-so-subtly remind his friends of his doctoral status. However, his character is probably best known for his perpetual love story with Rachel Green. Jennifer Aniston plays that character that Ross spends so many seasons hopelessly pining over. These are just a few of the things Ross is well-known for on the show.

The television show Friends gained a lot of viewers and fans while it was airing. It says a lot that so many Friends fans continue to support the series well-after the show has ended. Though Ross is definitely is a unique character who adds a lot of value to the show, it is still a little surprising for him to come in the first place given his organically geekish nature. Nonetheless, it was interesting to see the perspective of fans of Friends from another country.

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