Game of Thrones' George RR Martin reveals Jason Momoa sex scene was derailed by randy horse

GAME of Thrones’ author George RR Martin has revealed a particular sex scene with Jason Momoa was almost derailed by a randy horse. 

The show’s original pilot never aired because it was deemed a disaster by bosses and resulted in two central characters being replaced. 

In a new interview, creator of Westeros George RR Martin revealed to Entertainment Weekly’s editor-at-large James Hibberd that there was one moment that nearly ruined it all. 

Taken from an excerpt from Hibberd’s book, Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon, Martin explained that Khal Drogo and Daenerys’ (originally played by Tamzin Merchant) first wedding night was interrupted by a randy horse. 

“So we’re by this little brook,” the author recalled. “They tied the horses to the trees and there’s a seduction scene by the stream. Jason Momoa and Tamzin are naked and ‘having sex.’

“And suddenly the video guy starts to laugh. The silver filly was not a filly at all. It was a colt. And it was getting visibly excited by watching these two humans. 

“There’s this horse in the background with this enormous horse schlong. So that didn’t go well either.”

Die hard GoT fans will already know that the original pilot never aired and Daenerys was recast from Tamzin Merchant to Emilia Clarke. 

The episode, which cost £7.8m, was reshot with a new director and the two new stars – Emilia, and Michelle Fairley as Catelyn Stark. 

Other secrets about the pilot have emerged as Cersei actress Lena Headey also revealed that during the show's very first episode she sported a flamboyant, larger-than-life look that emphasised the Lannisters' wealth.

“I looked like a Vegas showgirl in the [original] pilot — furs and massive hair, like a medieval Dolly Parton," she told Entertainment Weekly.

"Not that I’m complaining – I loved it. My hair devolved,” she added.

Cersei was crushed under rocks alongside her brother and lover Jaime (Nikolaj Coter-Waldau), a death that many found underwhelming given the extent of her villainy.

Cersei underwent quite the physical transformation during her time ruling King's Landing.

Early seasons saw her sport tumbling curls and intricate jewellery, draped in gowns made of sumptuous fabrics in bright colours.

However by the end of the series she sported cropped hair – after having her head shaved during a public shaming by the cult of the High Sparrow.

She also dressed mostly in black with fewer frills and decorative touches to her costumes.

Despite its final season being panned by critics and fans alike, the franchise remains one of the most acclaimed and beloved TV series of all time.

Production is currently underway on prequel series House of The Dragon, which will track the bloodt dynasty of House Targaryen.

All seasons of Game of Thrones are available to stream on NOW TV.

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