Gary Lineker's brother Wayne, 58, films skin-crawling video of him choosing young 'date' from Ibiza club staff

GARY Lineker's brother Wayne, 58, has been dubbed "gross" for skin-crawling video showing him choosing a young “date” from his Ibiza club staff and pushing “rejects” into the pool.

Wayne was savaged on social media, with people saying it made “nauseating” viewing, as he shoved the chests of orange swimwear-clad young women to make them topple into the water.

Video showing him choosing his "dream doll" was filmed at his club in Ibiza.

Wayne boasted: "It's time to pick which dream doll I'm taking out on a date".

He then cleaned his hands with sanitiser.

The idea was that he would approach the lined-up young staff members, and decide whether he wanted to go out with them.

The so-called "rejects" were unceremoniously dumped in the pool, after being shoved in the chest.

Then the "victor" – effectively the last woman standing – was embraced in a huge hug before the pair were filmed wandering off towards the club, O Beach.

Former Love Island contestant Katie Salmon was apparently the lucky winner, as she exclaimed: "Obviously I'm the champion."

But when footage – originally posted on Instagram – was shared on Twitter, by the likes of horrified pro-boxer Stacey Copeland, it immediately attracted negative comments.

Commonwealth champ Copeland roasted him on Twitter, saying: “Watching this video Wayne Lineker posted of himself choosing which ‘dream doll’ he’d be taking on a date, what does it make you think or feel?

“It makes me think that I’m glad I speak up on gender equality for both genders, because we can all do better than this. Your thoughts?”

Kevin Campion tweeted: “Just disgraceful”, while Sarah Johnson said it was “grim”.

Carol Love said: “Gary seems outspoken about a lot of stuff…now's the time for him to speak about his weird brother!”

To which Peter Howard replied: “No don’t drag his brother into this – nothing to do with him!”

“The lack of self esteem from everyone in this video is worrying,” posted Bryan Dunne.

One woman said: "Ewwwww just wrong.”

Stephanie Clark tweeted: “He is literally their employer – it’s so wrong. God knows what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling.”

One man said “Pure cringey”.

Wayne's spokesperson said there was "no comment".


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