'Gilmore Girls': Jason Stiles Was Actually Perfect For Lorelai Gilmore

Lorelai Gilmore ended up with Luke Danes in the end, just asmost Gilmore Girlsfans always envisioned. While Lorelai was farfrom a prolific dater, she did have a few love interests that stuck aroundfor long enough to gain either approval or disapproval from fans. While viewers’opinions on Jason Stiles are split, there are a few reasons that he wasactually perfect for Lorelai

Jason Stiles was just quirky and strange enough to keepLorelai on her toes

Lorelai had some unusual quirks, but the men she dated generallydidn’t. Luke was, by all accounts, perfectly well-adjusted. While herrelationship with Max Medina was intense and their breakup, seeminglytraumatic for Max, he seemed pretty normal, too. Alex, who Lorelai brieflydated, was successful and didn’t seem to have any weird habits or traits. Theonly one who had any strange quirks was Jason.

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Jason had strange sleeping habits, odd food preferences, andhe was pretty neurotic. Sure, that might not sound like a good thing, but Jason’squirks are what made him so appealing. They absolutely kept Lorelai on hertoes, and forsomeone like Lorelai that seemed pretty important. He was a challenge, anda challenge was a good thing for Lorelai.

Jason Stiles totally understood the world Lorelai came from

Aside from giving Lorelai a bit of a challenge, Jason andLorelai actually had a ton in common, including their family relationships. Theyboth came from the same type of upbringing, and the pair both had complicatedrelationships with their parents. Jason was even totally cool with the factthat Lorelai agreed to go on a date with him to annoy her mother, EmilyGilmore.

Jason is, perhaps, the only person Lorelai dated who could trulyunderstand her desire to get away from her family’s legacy. Even Christopher Hayden,who was positioned as a rebel, was more than willing to lean into his family’swealth. Jason seemingly understood where Lorelai was coming from when it came toher family.  

Jason Stiles was ambitious in the same way Lorelai was

Jason was just as ambitious as Lorelai and in the same way.Unlike Christopher,who also came from the same social world as Lorelai, Jason was interested inshirking his family’s path and actually becoming successful in his own right. Justlike Lorelai did.

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Instead of staying at his father’s company, he decided to gointo business with Richard Gilmore. Sure, it didn’t work out in the end, butJason didn’t run back to his parents. Instead, he seemed to make his owncareer, although fans are never clued in on how he made that happen, or wherehe made it happen.

Fans last saw Jason the night Lorelai and Luke finally kissed for the first time. Presumably, Jason moved on and found success and happiness elsewhere. He did show up at Richard’s wake in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, proving that he was ever the gentlemen, even if he was a little quirky.

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