'Gilmore Girls': What Would Rory Gilmore's Major Have Been If She Was a Real Person?

RoryGilmore had her life plotted out before she was old enough to take theSATs. The studious Rory intended to go to Harvard University and study journalism.Her goal, at least when she was a young teen, was to be just like ChistianeAmanpour. Eventually, she decides to attend Yale University instead, andall seems mostly right in her world. Even with the school change, Rory retainedher original goals. There is one major problem, though. Journalism is not offeredas a major at Yale. So, if Rory were a real person, what would she have studied?She would have had a few options.

Yale University doesn’t offer journalism as a major andneither does Harvard

If Rory had journalistic aspirations, neither Harvardnor Yale were the best options for her. In fact, neither school offers anundergraduate degree in journalism, nor do they offer a concentration or minorin the subject. Harvard, does, however, offer a graduate program in journalism.Yale, on the other hand, does not.

Yale believes thatstudents with journalistic aspirations are better served with a broader, liberal-artseducation. Those interested in journalism, however, do have the chance tostrut their stuff. The Yale DailyNews, the newspaper that Roryworked on, is a real thing, and it’s just as competitive as its shown in GilmoreGirls.

Majoring in journalismisn’t the only way to crack into the field

While many studentswho wish to write for newspapers and magazines focus their coursework on journalism-centricclasses, that’s not the only way to achieve the dream.  In fact, journalists can crack into thebusiness through any number of majors.

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People with journalismaspirations can study everything from communications to English to get abackground that would lead them to a reporting career. Yale,for example, offers majors in English, political science, and public health. Allcould be utilized to work in journalism, depending on the topic one isinterested in writing on, note several sources.

Rory noted that shewas studying English

While Rory’saspirations were purely journalistic during the majority of the show’s run, shedoes note, in the seventh season, that she was studying English. A degree in English,combined with her time on the paper, would likely be a solid stepping stoneinto journalism.

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When fans catchback up with Rory in the revival, AYear in the Life, her careeras a journalist has yet to take off. She, apparently, had a few hits, butnothing seems to have landed her in a long-term position. Many fans were disappointedto find Rory seemingly lost during the revival, but when all is said and done,she apparently had a plan. A book about her and her mother’s life was in theworks, and that seems to fit much better with Rory’s persona. Her degree inEnglish could be helpful in her new career path, too.

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