GMB claim ‘sexist’ behaviour as viewers asked if weatherman Alex should strip

Good Morning Britain sparked outrage today as weather presenter Alex Beresford was left embarrassed after being asked to present the show with no top on after his racy birthday selfie.

In a snap to mark his 40th, he took off his shirt for a topless picture as he posed with a number of silver and gold balloons with 40 printed all over them.

But as Kate and Charlotte encouraged Alex to take his top off before asking for a poll to be made for the viewers have their say on whether he should present the weather with no shirt, some fans were left annoyed.

One fan posted: "Just re-read this tweet and swop @alexberesfordTV for @kategarraway or @susannareid100 and see how sexism really works."

Another added: "Imagine for a minute if this was said about one of the female presenters."

A third chipped in: "If you asked Susannah, Kate, Charlotte or Laura the same there'd be an uproar. And rightly so. Please stop it."

But a fourth said: "Fabulously childish behaviour. I am totally here for that. Calm down pc brigade. No animals or children were harmed in this bit of light hearted fun. Happy Friday people."

Co-star Kate had teased him about the pictures, saying: "If you don't follow Alex on Instagram you will have missed out on a treat this week, he turned 40 and I mean… Wow."

Charlotte ribbed: "I'm worried you're getting a bit forgetful in your old age though because you seem to have forgotten your top."

Alex awkwardly laughed and put his head in his hands to hide his face from the camera, as Kate continued with the joke.

She said: "The producer just said in my ear, just so you know it's not me objectifying Alex Beresford, the producer said we need you guys at home to decide if he should do the final weather of the show topless.

"Maybe we should also decide whether Sean should do the news with his top off! We're going to run a Twitter poll this morning, do get involved.

"You can see we're keen to make the nation smile, can't you?"

But as the show returned from a break, Kate said: "Can I just apologise? As usual I've gone a bit too far – nobody's going to make Alex do the weather with his top off.

"Losing your top is what happens when you turn 40, demanding people take their top off is when you turn 50 like me.

"I'm very sorry, he's a professional for heavens sake – goodness me!

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"But we are going to ask you if you'd like to see the picture of him with his top off again because he did put it out there anyway, didn't you?"

In Alex's snap, he held a large card in his right hand saying "You're 40 today" as he looked worriedly at the balloons.

Alex captioned the picture: "Whooooooaaaah where did the last 40 years go.

"I am so thankful that I got to this milestone because no one is promised tomorrow. I can’t lie I feel great inside and I’m oddly excited about what’s to come.

"I say oddly because when I hit 30 I thought I was old.

"Today I woke up at 4:30am like a true old man and I can’t wait for my afternoon nap. #forty #blessed."

GMB continues on Monday at 6am on ITV.

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