GMB fans cringe over ‘uncomfortable’ interview as Adil Ray shouts over guest

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Determined to get some answers, Adil Ray appeared to shout over one of his guests on Wednesday's Good Morning Britain, as their debate grew a little tense.

Watching from home, viewers admitted they found the interruptions "annoying," as they watched the presenter speak over an MP.

His co-presenter Kate Garraway intervened, trying to dig for answers on his behalf after voices were raised during the interview.

Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Rachel Reeves appeared on the show to discuss the Greensill lobbying row, as MPs vote on starting an inquiry into former Prime Minister David Cameron's lobbying.

Adil quizzed Ms Reeves, who is a British Labour Party politician, about former PM Tony Blair's time as Prime Minister.

He referred to Blair's business dealings during his time in 10 Downing Street, saying: "Should he give back some of that money now?"

"What we need to see is proper transparency. Labour have proposed…" Ms Reeves replied, only for Adil to cut her off.

Interrupting her, he said: "That’s not an answer to the question! Rachel, that’s not an answer to the question."

"This is about abusing your position…" the MP went on, only for Adil to interrupt for a second time, saying: "Yeah but so did Tony Blair abuse his position?"

"Well if Tony Blair was texting Ministers and asking for special favours for businesses he was working for that would be unacceptable too," Ms Reeves replied.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, viewers weren't impressed by the raised voices, as they made it clear they weren't keen on Adil's interruptions.

One said: "I'm finding this uncomfortable viewing."

"Adil Ray relentlessly interrupting everyone is so annoying. Jesus Christ," added a second.

"What is Adil going on about.. seems he's just shouting for shoutings sake- she already answered his question," wrote a third.

Eventually, Kate took over the questioning, putting her hand up to silence her co-star by saying: "Sorry Adil, just one moment."

Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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