GMB weather girl Lucy Verasamy sizzles in gorgeous selfie on set of new ITV job

Good Morning Britain's Lucy Verasamy certainly has a winning smile that dazzles her adoring Instagram fans every time.

The 40-year-old weathergirl couldn't resist sharing some stunning snippets from behind-the-scenes of her latest project with ITV and M&S.

From the array of footage, she opted for an up close and person snap that saw her smiling from ear-to-ear as she spoke with an asparagus farmer from Herefordshire.

The next segment, gave her legion of followers a cheeky glimpse at what she's excitedly been working on over the past few weeks, alongside chef Chris Baber.

The GMB beauty rocked a dark wash pair of high-waisted denim jeans that she had teamed with an on-trend white and black striped jumper.

Looking very country-esque she popped on a stylish Barbour suede jacket, complete with its famous corduroy collar.

The clip showcased the entire asparagus process, from soil, trough growth and finally hand-cutting the green tipped goodies to be packaged off to M&S.

Captioning the series of images and videos, she said: "Headed to Herefordshire to talk to farmers about their M&S asparagus – a springtime seasonal treat."

As usual, Lucy was met with fleet of pleasantries that filled up her comments section.

"Lucy you are stunning," chimed one.

"Take me with you next time," asked another.

"Your smile brightens up even the most cloudiest days," gushed another.

A forth beam: "Great set of photos, nice one of Lucy, looking amazing as always."

While a fifth person cheekily joked: "When my strawberries are ready, you're more than welcome to come round for a free sample, Lucy."

The post lands after Lucy and Chris recently announced that they had both teamed with ITV and high street retailer Marks and Spencer, revisiting their Fresh Market Update series from 2019.

Speaking about the project, the starlet previously said: "Over the next few months I'll be travelling the length and breadth of the British Isles from the north of Scotland, right down to Jersey, meeting the farmers and the growers of M&S fresh food, with one question on my mind… why do M&S believe that their food is not just any food?"

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