GMB's Alastair Campbell says daughter went to school with Dua Lipa – but wouldn't let Brit winner into the 'cool gang'

GOOD Morning Britain's Alastair Campbell has revealed his daughter went to school with Dua Lipa – but wouldn't let her into the "cool gang".

The 25-year-old singer won two awards at last night's Brits, having already won three gongs from the prestigious ceremony in the past.

And Alastair, 63, revealed his personal connection to the chart-topper, admitting that both she and his daughter Grace attended Parliament Hill secondary school in North London.

Reflecting on Dua's success, the TV presenter said: "Dua Lipa won, she went to school with my daughter.

"And my daughter, at Parliament Hill, wouldn't let her into what my daughter considered to be 'the cool gang'."

Co-host Susanna Reid exclaimed: "So your daughter missed out on being best friends with Dua Lipa!"

Alastair referenced Grace's career as a stand-up comic as he went on: "My daughter now does a whole comedy schtick about how she was the cool girl at school and now she does pubs, and clubs, and stand-up.

"And Dua Lipa is travelling the world as one the greatest stars on the planet."

He concluded: "Do not pick on Dua Lipa!"

In addition to her wins last night, Dua wowed fans as she flashed her bottom and paid homage to Spice Girl Geri Horner in a show-stopping performance.

The singer wore a Union Jack mini-skirt, which was reminiscent of the famous dress Ginger Spice wore for the 1997 awards.

Later in the evening, Dua called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to give NHS workers a pay rise- but her speech divided viewers.

While fans agreed with her remarks as a whole, they found the timing hypocritical as it came soon after Dua was criticised for "partying around the globe" during lockdown.

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