Gogglebox fans cringe as Denise Van Outen’s fiancé eats dessert as dog licks it

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Celebrity Gogglebox viewers weren't impressed on Friday evening, when Eddie Boxshall shared a pot of ice cream with his pet dog.

Denise Van Outen bought the dog-friendly dessert especially for her pet pooches, with Eddie offering to sample one of the tubs before feeding it to the dog.

"What flavour is it? Please tell me it's tuna or something!" Denise asked, as an impressed Eddie confirmed: "Strawberry. That's alright."

However, the tailored dessert proved quite tasty, and Eddie couldn't help but sample more ice cream after the dog stuck his tongue in the pot.

Feeding the ice cream to the dog, Denise said: "That's for the dog. Is that yummy? She's so sweet, isn't she?"

"I think I'll have some more of that," Eddie announced, and reached for the tub, digging his spoon inside for another slurp.

Denise was quick to scold him, pointing out: "It's got a dog on it. It's a doggie ice cream. You can't eat that."

Waving her concerns away, Eddie replied: "It can't be that bad, of course I can."

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, viewers were shaken by the exchange, with many wondering whether it was a good idea for Eddie to stick the spoon back in his mouth.

"Eww! He continued to eat the ice cream after the dog licked from the tub?!? Eww!" squealed one fan.

"No way has he just ate that dog ice cream after letting the dog lick it first," wrote a second, and a third penned: "Putting his spoon back in after the dog had had a go."

And a fourth weighed in: "He's eating the doggy ice cream after the dog's had its tongue licking round it! Yuk! Gross!"

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