Good Morning Britain viewers in tears as Piers Morgan gives £10,000 of his own money to 99-year-old war veteran’s appeal – The Sun

GOOD Morning Britain fans were in tears this morning at the sight of a 99-year-old war veteran who is raising funds for the NHS by marching around his garden.

But they were astonished when host Piers Morgan announced that he was making a donation of £10,000 of his own money to help Captain Tom Moore reach his target of half a million pounds.

The Second World War veteran, who is doing 100 lengths of his garden before he turns 100 at the end of the month, was still some way off the amount he hoped to raise when Piers made his generous gesture.

The 55-year-old host said: "Captain Tom Moore, thank you for serving your country. I'm so glad that we were able through the brilliant NHS we were able to serve you back and keep you going.

"Good luck – I want to get you over the line today. Here's what I'm going to do, Tom, I'm going to put £10,000 of my own money into your fundraising today and I hope that encourages everyone watching at home to do the same.

"Little or small, whatever you can do. Let's get you over the half a million. You've got 10 grand from me."

He replied simply: "Thank you. It's been so lovely to speak to you and Susanna."

The host was widely applauded by viewers, with one writing: "WOW!!!!!! What an amazing offer @piersmorgan Heroes at 99, you're a hero too Piers."

Another wrote: "He gets abuse, and sometimes rightly so, but the way @piersmorgan has been during the last month or 2 has been very impressive and his donation of £10k to Major Tom Moore was brilliant!"

A third wrote: "Thank you Piers Morgan! You are a true gent. There are no other words to say! From a proud and exhausted NHS worker."

Another said: "Well done @piersmorgan, what an amazing gesture! 👏🏽."

Indeed, since the appeal on Good Morning Britain, Tom's total has rocketed, standing at £420,345.60 at the time of publication.

  •  Tom is walking for the NHS and donations can be made on JustGiving.

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