Hanna season 2 location: Where is Hanna filmed? Everything to know about The Meadows

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Hanna returns to Amazon’s Prime Video with its second season on Friday, July 3, after much anticipation from viewers. Ahead of its return, here is everything viewers need to know about where the new location for season two is and where exactly it was filmed, featuring some exclusive insight from Express.co.uk’s visit to the set.

Where is Hanna season 2 filmed and set?

Fans of Amazon Prime Video’s drama Hanna will know how fantastic the locations used in the first season of the show were.

Now as season two launches on the platform, viewers will be pleased to know this pattern continues as much of the action transfers to an entirely new location called The Meadows.

Introduced as being “somewhere in northern England,” this is the new facility Utrax moves its teenage recruits to as the second season begins.

The real location is actually in Hampshire in a grand house called Bramshill Estate, which is transformed into the unique boarding school.

The building was built in the 17th century as a home for the 11th Baron Zouche of Harringworth before it became used for police training purposes from the 1950s until the early 2000s.


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Now, as fans of the show will soon learn, the home becomes a key part of the re-acclimation process for the girls before they are released into the modern world.

On a set visit when the show was being filmed back in 2019, Express.co.uk got a close look at the unique location which plays a major role in season two.

One of the most impressive parts of the location is how the crew created bedrooms for each of the main girls to reflect the new identities they are given in the facility.

Each room is moulded to the file the young girls are given about their past and contains everything from photoshopped family pictures to feminist posters and ticket stubs from concerts.

The set even features a coffee shop built for the girls to learn how to interact with people in normal everyday settings.

In a conversation with Express.co.uk, actor Gianna Kiehl who plays recruit Jules revealed what this different setting brings to the series.

She said: “It’s so easy to look at the girls in the Utrax uniforms you see at the end of season one and go ‘well obviously they’re brainwashed’.

“It’s so much more complicated to look at the girls in this season because you see all of them having their own philosophical debates about ideas and they’re learning how to think for themselves.

“And yet, still at the heart of it, every single one of them at the drop of the hat will kill someone.”


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Another part of transforming the listed home into something unique for the show also saw the crew replace old paintings in the building with images of famous women in history.

However, at every turn, the set is also full of reminders these girls are trained killers with cameras in each bedroom to surveil them as well as a fully functional shooting range created on the grounds of the house.

The Meadows is the brainchild of season two’s new major villain John Carmichael (played by Dermot Mulroney) who sits at the top of Utrax’s new hierarchy.

Speaking about the location, he said: “This is an incredible location. They’ve built some of this stuff for reasons unknown – at least to me you can’t quite tell.

“But it really is all in location, it’s incredible the variety and types of scenes you can shoot on these grounds because it is that mix of mid-century high-tech with 500-year-old tapestries.

“It is one of the greatest things for Carmichael’s character is you see him in this environment so it really speaks strongly to who he is and who the story plays out.”

Marissa Wiegler star Mireille Enos agreed how unique the location is as “it’s this really huge old mansion but also a police academy, like a weird triangular building”.


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The show does feature some other settings outside of The Meadows as well, including Marissa heading back again to Paris.

There are also some more beautiful forest locations filmed in Snowdonia and Horsley, as well as the crew heading to Barcelona and Northern France, which doubled for Belgium.

However, most of the action takes place in The Meadows, which offers a unique new feeling for the setting of season two, according to executive producer Tom Coan.

He explained: “We wanted to do something new, to bring a new environment – and what’s more different than Eastern Europe?

“This is an idyllic place, this is beautiful. [It] allows the characters and the audience to be somewhere different. This is that evolved sense of place in the show.”

Hanna season 2 launches in full on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, July 3.

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