HBO To Debut 2000 Election Documentary ‘537 Votes’

There is plenty of reason to worry about what may happen on election night, what with an expected uptick in mail-in voting, concerns over suppression in key swing states and President Donald Trump already declaring that the results will be rigged if he doesn’t win.

HBO is giving a reminder of what a disputed election looks like, as it debuts the documentary 537 Votes on Oct. 21.

The project, directed by Billy Corben, will look at how the custody battle over Elian Gonzalez helped trigger what happened in Florida, where George W. Bush led by just 537 votes, triggering a recount. The documentary will focus on Miami-Dade County, with interviews with operatives like Roger Stone, Joe Geller and Al Cardenas.

Adam McKay and Todd Schulman are executive producers, and Corben and Alfred Spellman are producers.

Corben said in a statement that the “Miami of today is the America of tomorrow,” while McKay said that the filmmakers “are simply incapable of being anything but entertaining and funny. When we heard they were making a film with a uniquely Miami perspective on the 2000 recount, we really wanted to support it in any way possible.”

It’s obviously relevant, not just because of the concerns over this year’s election, but because Florida and Miami-Dade are once again front and center in the presidential race.

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