Hillary Swank on her mission to bring the scares and break down stereotypes in new Netflix space drama Away

HILLARY Swank has spoken about her mission to bring the scares and break down stereotypes in new Netflix space drama, Away. 

The talented actress stars in the new 10-part series about a team of astronauts, led by Mission Commander Emma Green [Swank], on a three-year mission to land on Mars, then return home.

Speaking about the new show, Hillary revealed she hoped to break down stereotypes of specific characters, and how she spoke to real life astronaut Mike Massimino to get a feel for how she wanted Emma to be.

Hillary said: “I think in the past, the idea of playing an astronaut was very specific and there was a stereotype of what we imagined.

“Mike was so human. He also had a lot of jokes and one liners and so I could relate even more.

“The idea of this human quality and the ability to have that rapport with my fellow astronauts was imperative.”

Speaking to The Sun's TV Mag about the project, the 46-year-old actress revealed the legendary astronaut, who also appeared in E4’s Big Bang Theory, impressed her with his socks. 

She laughed: “[Massimino] had on these space socks. His socks really went with his personality. So I went and bought socks and that became part of my character. 

“I have ones that come all the way up to my knee and they have all the planets on them. 

“I just loved seeing this guy who had such humility, but he was also funny as hell. It allows you to not think of astronauts as simple stereotypes. As an actor playing a character, it’s vital to get out of stereotypes and get into specificity.”

Netflix’s Away has been compared to a series-length version of films Gravity or The Martian. Although there’s no cosmic threat or real villains, Hillary explained it explores things that scare us as people. 

She said: “I think the show is incredibly rich and real. It explores things that scare us as people. It offers us a reminder of the need for hope and how important it is to work together no matter who we are or where we’re from.”

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