Hollyoaks star Joe Tracini admits he still gets suicidal thoughts due to BPD

Hollyoaks star Joe Tracini might be bringing a smile to everyone’s faces in lockdown with his comedy dance tutorials, but the actor opened up about his own mental health struggles. 

Joe, 30, who played Dennis Savage on the soap, has been open with fans about his Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and the effects this has on him day to day. 

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly on Good Morning Britain, Joe admitted that he still has days where he struggles but has found ways of coping with the low days. 

He explained: ‘So on Tuesday my brain kept telling me to kill myself and I waited it out, as I do.

‘If I just hang about, however I feel always changes, and I’ve stopped watching the news, there is no news for me.

‘Can I go out? No. I will stay here and put a leotard on.’ 

Joe’s been entertaining fans with videos of him donning a leotard and putting on parody dance tutorials on social media, with comical names for the moves including ‘beef toe’. 

Joe revealed he has to let the emotions come and go of their own accord rather than try and stop them, explaining: ‘I think that the one thing that I always do is that if I feel negative I don’t stop myself feeling negative. 

‘Because it doesn’t go anywhere if I ignore it. I don’t tell myself “don’t be sad because someone has it worse”, that’s the same as telling myself don’t be happy as someone out there is happier.

‘It does help but I also have spent the vast majority of my life self-isolating since 1994 so when you are on your own hearing about people who are not on their own doesn’t help.

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