Hollywood's Jake Picking Wishes Rock Hudson Could See 'How Far We've Progressed Socially'

Have you become close with your costars?

Jeremy Pope and Jim Parsons — both who I had the most scenes with. They’re great friends. I trust them. Jim and I were putting prosthetics on our face each day before our scenes. With Jeremy, there was an intimacy coordinator, but I had a sit-down with Jeremy before and we were both 1000% in. The first day there was an intimate scene, and we knew we were going to be friends.

How has it been to have the series be released during lockdown amid coronavirus?

It is weird. It feels it’s appropriate in terms of lifting people’s spirits. It juxtaposes the darkness of quarantine as the show is triumphant. It stands for something great, and it’s a fun ride.

Hollywood is streaming now on Netflix.

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