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TV presenter Bill Turnbull has died after being diagnosed with cancer.

Find out more about the cancer and treatment he had.

Who was Bill Turnbull and how did he die?

Bill Turnbull was best known for his TV career.

He had incurable prostate and bone cancer.

The prostate is a small, walnut-sized gland, that only men have and it sits around the urethra – the tube a male pees and ejaculates from – between the penis and the bladder.

The main point of the prostate is to produce the fluid which mixes with sperm to create semen – making it pretty vital for reproduction.

But, like all organs in the body, it can be invaded by cancer – when cells in the gland start to grow uncontrollably.

Bill Turnbull was diagnosed with cancer in November 2017 while filming for the celebrity special of The Great British Bake Off which is in aid of Stand Up To Cancer.

He had his prostate tested aged 40 and 50.

However he was 61 when he was diagnosed and hadn't seen a GP for four years.



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When he was diagnosed in 2017, Bill's consultant was hopeful that he would live for another 18 years.

However in 2019 he revealed he does not know how much time he has left and the cancer has spread to his bones.

He had chemotherapy and injections of a tumour-busting radioactive substance, Radium 223.

Was Bill married and did he have children?

Bill married Sarah McCombie in March 1988 in the London Borough of Hackney.

The pair had two sons, Henry and Will and a daughter Flora (born August 1991).

The family used to live in Buckinghamshire but relocated to Rainow, Cheshire in 2012 following the move of BBC Breakfast to Salford.

He then moved to Suffolk.

What was Bill Turnbull known for?

Bill is a household name due to his broadcast career.

He was one of the main presenters of BBC Breakfast from 2001 to 2016.

Later in his life he went on to work on Classic FM as a presenter.

In March 2016, he began presenting the daytime BBC One quiz show Think Tank.

Bill worked on many other projects throughout his career such as taking part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2005 and joining the presenting team of the BBC's Songs of Praise in 2013.

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