How many episodes are in The Holiday on Channel 5?

The Holiday: Trailer for new drama series starting on Channel 5

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The Holiday makes its debut on Channel 5 tonight (March 1) and the TV thriller follows a group of families enjoying a summer vacation. However during their retreat, one of the women discovers her husband is having an affair. She suspects the guilty woman is one of the friends she is on holiday with, but which one is it?

How many episodes are in The Holiday on Channel 5?

The primetime drama will be airing hour-long episodes to uncover the truth behind Sean’s (Owen McDonell) affair.

He is married to policewoman Kate (Jill Halfpenny) and the pair head off for an idyllic holiday to Malta.

Yet the vacation is quickly turned on its head when Kate discovers her husband is cheating through a number of text messages.

The texts are from a mystery woman called CoralGirl, and Kate makes it her mission to discover who she is.

Her heart is broken when she believes it could be one of her best friends.

The series will be made up of four episodes, which will air on consecutive nights from 9pm.

This means the finale will air on Friday, March 4 and it is believed to be a miniseries, so all will be revealed.

The first episode will introduce the holiday party which includes Kate’s children Lucy (Lara McDonnell) and Daniel (Aidan McCann).

Her old university friends Rowan (Siobhan Hewlett) and Jenny (Liv Mjönes) come along with their husbands and their cool singleton friend Izzy (Cat Simmons).

Kate’s obsession with the affair leads others to go to great lengths to hide their secrets.

The second episode sees tensions simmer and Kate’s friends warn her to back off.

Kate will attempt to blow Coralgirl’s identity, but will her love rival be revealed?

From then on some startling confessions are made amongst the group and the children find themselves caught up in the drama.

What is worse, the group makes a horrifying discovery.

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The finale will tie everything together as Kate faces Sean over the affair.

Some startling secrets are finally revealed which makes Kate rethink everything she initially believed.

Kate actress Jill Halfpenny opened up about how close she believes the group of friends really is.

She said: “I think it becomes quite apparent as the series goes on that these women are not really talking to each other about everything that’s going on in their lives.

“They might meet up and do some nice things, but for me, a true friendship would be telling somebody how I felt.

“Maybe they’re not as close as they like to think they are.

“There’s a funny dynamic with other people’s partners too, and they’ve chosen to stay in a villa together, so they can’t even go back to the hotel room and complain about someone getting on their nerves.

“That’s part of the reason it all becomes so stressful, but I do think it’s funny when you can see the looks between them and those little digs.

“The interactions get more and more awkward, to the point where they cannot wait to get out of this villa, and I think there’s something like quite truthful about that.”

The Holiday airs daily from March 4 on Channel 5.

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